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NMPA Most Popular Driver program to launch in May

The National Motorsports Press Association’s Most Popular Driver program will undergo a significant change for 2014.

Voting for the Most Popular Driver Award is scheduled to begin in May as the fan-driven program prepares to launch for its 62nd season.

“The Most Popular Driver Award is by far one of the most significant programs overseen by the NMPA,” said Kenny Bruce, NMPA president. “It is the only award in NASCAR that is determined solely by the fans.

“We are honored to be able to provide NASCAR fans with the ability to have a voice in the sport, and pleased that so many have chosen to let their voices be heard year after year.

“It is our duty as an organization to provide NASCAR fans with the best possible platform in which to participate, and to provide them with the best possible experience.”

An official launch date for the program will be announced in the near future.

Once again, fans will have the opportunity to log on to www.mostpopulardriver.com throughout the remainder of the racing season and cast their vote for their favorite driver or drivers.

Voting for the 2014 NMPA Most Popular Driver Award will officially close at midnight, Sunday, Nov. 16.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. collected his 11th consecutive NMPA Most Popular Driver Award in 2013, as NASCAR fans cast more than 1 million votes during the year-long program.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
"You look at Richard Petty and Bill Elliott and I've always felt that if you win this award once then you are in good company. I'm real proud of it. The fans have hung in there and gave me one heck of a Christmas gift."

Darrell Waltrip
"I put the most popular driver, the Bill France Award of Excellence and my championship trophies; I put them all up together," echoed Darrell Waltrip. "It's the fan's voice. They are the ones that say, 'We like this guy, we like what he does,' and they vote for you. That means a lot to any of us."

Richard Petty
"Anytime you win a 'Most Popular' award it's great. It is something that you really don't work for, but rather it just happens," said the seven-time champion Richard Petty. "The Most Popular Driver Award makes the driver feel good because you’re not out there to be the most popular driver; you're out there to win races. You win it at the end of the season, and it's like a big bonus."

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